Virtually everyone I run into is exhausted in the morning...maybe they hit the snooze once or twice before they rush off to the coffee maker, the convient store, or Starbucks for a shot of caffiene. Stressed out and running late, they charge around their house, yelling at their kids, and finally rushing off to work. The drain hits again after lunch - the mid-afternoon slump - affecting their work and productivity points. Again, another caffienated beverage gives them the necessary jolt to make it through the day. Arriving at home, scarfing down something easy and pleasing and sitting down to "finally relax" in front of the TV for a couple of hours. Finally, they are completely exhausted when they finally hit the sack at night.

Do you know anybody like this?

Just Imagine...

Just imagine for a moment if you had unlimited amounts of energy. You woke up at 5 or 6 am excited to start your day. Your able to jump into the daily activities with a fresh step and have more done by 10 am than most have in the course of an entire day.

Your co-workers are amazed at your productivity at work, they wonder how you are able to get so much done, your boss can't help but give you a raise, promotion, and whatever else he/she can do to keep you around. You have more time with your family, with your spiritual pursuits, and with your friends and outside relationships. Your able to take care of all those little projects you have putting off Everyone asks you how you can get so much you are able to balance so much in your life. You tell them one thing....I found the secrets to being Energized 4 Life...and now there is no going back!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008



In order to efficiently run the numerous and intricate network of systems that make up the human body, each of our fifty trillion cells needs quality nutrients that cannot be processed by the body alone, but must be consumed through our diet. In our society, many people survive for quite a while on food that has been stripped of much of its life-giving nutrients, such as pizza, French fries, donuts, danishes, and twinkies. They wash a trash collection of food down with sugar-laden, chemically driven, and highly addictive soft drinks and frappachinos. When ingested, these foods are hardly recognized by the body, which nevertheless does its best to utilize whatever it can. This lifestyle creates a toxic surplus that leads to a breakdown in nervous system communication, and loss of health.

The human body is very much a reflection of the earth in that we are both primarily made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen in comparable proportions. All natural, organic fruit, vegetables, grains, and properly nourished animals are made from similar raw materials. In addition, people, plants, and animals are supposed to till the ground, work the fields, and maintain the cycles of life that keep the earth strong. This can be compared to the enzymes, hormones, and good bacteria that function internally to maintain a thriving organism; whether it be plant, animal, or human.

The same life force that created and expresses itself through you is doing the same with the apple tree in the backyard, the cow on the farm down the road, and the collard greens in your garden. With this comparison made it should be reasonable to see how the body has been formed to function best on naturally formed, life-invoking foods. We call this “Food by God,” as opposed to unnatural, man-manipulated, lifeless food we call “Food by Man.”

Many people value food as a physical commodity, believing that it impacts the physical aspects of one’s life alone. With this mindset they view the result of healthy eating as merely a physical benefit. The equation becomes: eat well = thin = healthy. This is not a correct assumption. There are many unhealthy people who happen to carry a thin frame.

Health is not found in a dress or pant size, a pill, a diet, or an exercise program.

Thinking in this manner leads us to jump at the next gimmick diet or weight loss scheme. Unfortunately, many of these diets are based on lifeless/bioengineered food by man that is made in an effort to trick/manipulate the body into thinking it is real and useable. Some of the other trendy diets are based on avoiding whole food groups. Still other nutritional plans that are more well-balanced and natural are often times surrounded by unreal expectations and strict guidelines. This soon results in a yo-yo effect in which the participant not only loses quality of life during the process but ultimately gains all the weight back and often times much more.

This mindset fails to value the life forming benefits of food by God and their systemic affects on our stress/peace management, our pain thresholds, our mood/mindset, and our overall quality of life. The human body is continually replacing all of its cells through the nutrients and life force that is provided. Therefore, what you eat and absorb today, will become your physical makeup tomorrow. If you want healthy, strong, and vibrant cells than you must eat healthy, strong, and vibrant food. There is no other way around it.

Health can only be found through a focused and purposeful pursuit of the Maximized Living Lifestyle

You don’t need another diet or weight loss plan… instead you need a lifestyle that works in harmony with the creative power that made you. This is what we call the Maximized Living Lifestyle. The real key to nutritional health is in what we call the “un-diet.” The un-diet is based on a principle-centered lifestyle. The un-diet focuses on a steady transition from Food by Man to Food by God. So begin at your own pace to remove the disease forming food by man and replace it with the life-enhancing food by God. Over the course of time, food by God is the primary fuel – providing the essential cellular building blocks while food by man is used in limited amounts to which the body can eliminate without a toxic surplus. You slowly replace the pizza, French fries, donuts, danishes, soft drinks, and coffee with fresh organic fruits, vegetables, meats, whole nourishing grains, clean, refreshing water, and herbal teas.

Essential Concepts:

Food By God vs. Food By Man:

Here are the 2 real food groups that matter. One is produced naturally, through the power of the sun, earth, and water…whereas the other is processed, refined, cooked, fried, and laden with chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Food by Man is usually more cost-effective, more convenient, has a longer shelf-life, and fulfills the sugar addicts craving. – and therefore it has gained a ton of popularity. With this has come a rapid increase in every disease known to man.

You see, here is the dilemma, God has made everything in perfect accordance, but man comes along and thinks he needs to alter it to make it better. He throws things into a chemical lab, completely rearranging the natural structure, thinking he can trick the body with flavor, texture, and all the other similarities of real food. However, once it gets to the digestive track; our body has no idea what to do with it and it ends up producing a pathway of destruction as it migrates through the body.

On the other hand, God specifically created certain plants and animals for the purpose of bringing beauty and life to the earth and essential nourishment and pleasure for man. Notice that in the bible, God created all of the life giving plants on the 3rd day, the sun and stars on the 4th day, water, oceans, and fish on the 5th day, and all the animals on the 6th day before he created man. Do you think there was a reason for this? Yes, God knows exactly what we need to survive – the sun, earth, water, and food. God has provided us with everything we need in the right and perfect structure, form, and allotment.

Man, seemingly has had a tough time understanding this universal principle. I get a laugh every time I look through some of the latest health and nutrition research. Scientists are constantly amazed at how natural foods seem to reduce our risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, depression, Alzeihmer’s and every other form of disease known to man. If they only opened up their bible, or took a walk in the forest, they would understand this principle of life. We spend all of this time, and $ researching health and nutrition only to find out the most obvious solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

God through the wondrous works of nature needs no help – just no interference.

Ask yourself, would you rather trust a chemist in a laboratory or the Creator of Life. Would you succumb to the promises of a scientist, food manufacturer, or government (FDA) official over the Word of God.

Our best science is not in how we can manipulate and alter creation, but instead how we can better understand and work in harmony with God’s natural principle

Live natural, breath natural, eat natural, drink natural, dream natural and live out the 120 bold and beautiful years you were naturally intended for.

FOOD BY MAN: General Rule – if you can’t pronounce it or identify it – neither can your body – making it a highly potent poison in your body.
1) Artificial sweetners, flavor additives, preservatives, texturizers, and colors
2) Anything pasteurized, homogenized, hydrolyzed, hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated
3) Conventional meat and dairy products, & farmed fish