Virtually everyone I run into is exhausted in the morning...maybe they hit the snooze once or twice before they rush off to the coffee maker, the convient store, or Starbucks for a shot of caffiene. Stressed out and running late, they charge around their house, yelling at their kids, and finally rushing off to work. The drain hits again after lunch - the mid-afternoon slump - affecting their work and productivity points. Again, another caffienated beverage gives them the necessary jolt to make it through the day. Arriving at home, scarfing down something easy and pleasing and sitting down to "finally relax" in front of the TV for a couple of hours. Finally, they are completely exhausted when they finally hit the sack at night.

Do you know anybody like this?

Just Imagine...

Just imagine for a moment if you had unlimited amounts of energy. You woke up at 5 or 6 am excited to start your day. Your able to jump into the daily activities with a fresh step and have more done by 10 am than most have in the course of an entire day.

Your co-workers are amazed at your productivity at work, they wonder how you are able to get so much done, your boss can't help but give you a raise, promotion, and whatever else he/she can do to keep you around. You have more time with your family, with your spiritual pursuits, and with your friends and outside relationships. Your able to take care of all those little projects you have putting off Everyone asks you how you can get so much you are able to balance so much in your life. You tell them one thing....I found the secrets to being Energized 4 Life...and now there is no going back!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008



People in our society today are obsessed with supplements. The traditional thinking is that we are not getting enough nutrients with our daily lifestyle and thus we are need of multivitamins and specific isolated nutrients to provide the boost. Although there is some clinical value in consuming multi-vitamins and isolated nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, and the various protein powders, for the most part you are wasting your money.

Most of these products are synthetically derived, meaning that they were produced in a laboratory with a design model that is similar in function to the specific nutrient they are trying to replicate. This brings us back to the original debate – Food By God vs. Food By Man. Although you always assumed that the various supplements and “replacement foods” in the health food section of your local grocery store were healthy, the truth is they are anything but.

First off, these are body was designed to ingest and absorb natural food products in their whole form. When something that is not in an original naturally created form enters our body, we have trouble identifying and utilizing it. It is as if somebody were giving you the greatest advice in the world, but it was in Chinese. No matter how amazing the advice and the intention behind it may have been, nonetheless it was viritually useless to you who couldn’t identify a word or meaning behind it.

In similar fashion, our chemists have identified and isolated a whole food component called Vitamin C, for example, and then found a way of matching its exact structure. Everything in nature, including our bodies and the natural foods we eat work in a synchronized, holistic fashion. When we break something down to its individual part – it loses the synchronizing agents that magnify its effect. In addition, the model structure depends on preserving agents that are again synthetically processed. So now we are bringing two or more molecules that are not in their original form into our bodies. This accounts for a bunch of garbaldy gook to our bodies who have no idea what the purpose of the supplemental molecule is.

There is a natural law that states that if our body can’t recognize and utilize something it becomes a toxin as long as it remains within. So our body does its best to get rid of the supplement through the urine and feces. This explains why our urine is neon yellow after ingesting synthetic supplements. Think about that the next time you pay $10 for a bottle of vitamin C. Outside of their natural form, these amazing nutrients must be processed and preserved artificially, leading to decreased absorption and a toxic surplus within our body. So what you thought was healthy is actually quite the contrary as it puts added burden on your primary detoxifying organs: the liver and kidneys.

This is why I only recommend whole-food supplements. Whole-food supplements are nutrients that are in their natural form. These supplements consist of natural plants and other foods that are ground up and concentrated in a condensed form. An example of such is green food powder, which consists of ground up broccoli, spinach, kale, and various other leafy greens, grasses, enzymes, and probiotics.

Top 3 Whole-Food Supplements of Choice:

1) Greens Powder: Green vegetables are an essential source of chlorophyll, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals. Essential nutrients that your body needs and relies on. The RDA for vegetable intake is 3-5 servings a day, which is far lower than what your body truly needs to be in a thriving state. Most people in our society are not taking in even the very conservative limit set by the USDA. The green powders provide the necessary nutrient intake to live vibrant and alive all in a condensed form that can easily be put in a shake or glass of water.

a. Garden of Life – Perfect Food
b. Green Vibrance – Green Mix
c. Inner Light – Greens Mix

2) Essential Oil Mix: 2 Critical fats that cannot be produced in the body, therefore must be taken in through diet, and are vital to life are of the omega 3 and omega 6 groups. Most people in our society are far deficient in these essential fats. With the heavy use of cheap, inferior vegetable oils our omega 6: omega 3 ratio, which should optimally be 3:1, is around 15:1. This has been an important contributing factor in the breakdown of our health and well-being However, new research has shown that supplementing only the omega 3 variety can produce ill health in a large group of the population. I recommend taking an essential fat mix or combining an oil that is high in the omega 6 – GLA – with an omega 3 flax/fish oil. GLA, which is essential to healthy skin, hair, nails, and immune function, is not in the cheap oils common to our culture. Therefore, although most people have plenty of omega 6 in their diet, they are nevertheless deficient in GLA. The best sources of GLA are borage, evening primrose, and hemp oil. I recommend hemp due to the fact that it is one of the best all-round oils for your body with the optimal 3:1 (6:3) ratio for sustaining optimal function. In addition, during the winter time, I highly recommend a Cod Liver Oil for the Vitamin D we are missing by not being in the sun.
a. Udo’s Choice Blend w/DHA (vegetarian mix of essential oils)

b. Nordic Naturals/Carlson’s – Fish Oil (Omega 3 or Cod Liver Oil)

c. Manitoba Harvest hemp oil

3) Alkalized H20 Mix: As I mentioned above, alkalizing your H20 is one of the best ways to improve your health and pursue optimal pH balance. Jupiter Water Systems has a great reputation for providing sustainable and cost effective alkaline water systems for the house. In addition, Inner Light offers some great products full of natural osmotically active colloids that can be added to water or other foods to optimize hydration and alkalinity.
a) JupitorWater Systems

  • b) Inner Light: pHlavor – an alkalizing seasoning of mineral salts in an easy to use spray bottle.
  • c) Inner Light: Prime pH – Recommended dosage will instantly boost your H20 up to an alkalizing 10.5.