Virtually everyone I run into is exhausted in the morning...maybe they hit the snooze once or twice before they rush off to the coffee maker, the convient store, or Starbucks for a shot of caffiene. Stressed out and running late, they charge around their house, yelling at their kids, and finally rushing off to work. The drain hits again after lunch - the mid-afternoon slump - affecting their work and productivity points. Again, another caffienated beverage gives them the necessary jolt to make it through the day. Arriving at home, scarfing down something easy and pleasing and sitting down to "finally relax" in front of the TV for a couple of hours. Finally, they are completely exhausted when they finally hit the sack at night.

Do you know anybody like this?

Just Imagine...

Just imagine for a moment if you had unlimited amounts of energy. You woke up at 5 or 6 am excited to start your day. Your able to jump into the daily activities with a fresh step and have more done by 10 am than most have in the course of an entire day.

Your co-workers are amazed at your productivity at work, they wonder how you are able to get so much done, your boss can't help but give you a raise, promotion, and whatever else he/she can do to keep you around. You have more time with your family, with your spiritual pursuits, and with your friends and outside relationships. Your able to take care of all those little projects you have putting off Everyone asks you how you can get so much you are able to balance so much in your life. You tell them one thing....I found the secrets to being Energized 4 Life...and now there is no going back!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


1. Early to Bed – Early to Rise – the natural principle
a)Before 10pm – optimize growth hormone secretion to maximize muscle, tissue, and organ recovery and ignite a powerful immune system
b) 5 or 6 am club – 99% of the most successful leaders belong to one of these clubs
i) Quiet time with God, energized exercise, and personal hygiene before the sun rises.
ii) Time efficiency allows you to get more done so you can spend the rest with God, family, relationships, and serving your life mission.
c) Consistency is Key – whatever times you decide – make them consistent.
d) Start Slowly – wean your way toward the goal
i) Cut back 15 minutes each night
ii) Wake up 15 minutes earlier each morning
e) Societal Comprise: Prioritize and do the best you can
i) Open communication with associations about value of good rest
ii) No excuses, no guilt if you get out of sink - just do the best you can.

2. Power naps: Ease your body & mind
a) Mini Nap: 2-5 minutes for a quick refresh and renew circuit
b) Traditional: 5-20 minutes – highest recommendation
c) Complete: 30-50 minutes – who has the time?

3. Artificial Zap: Rest is natural, artificial habits and addictions aren’t
a) Reduce/eliminate caffeine consumption (particularly at night)
b) Reduce/eliminate alcohol consumption
c) Reduce/eliminate artificial sleeping pills, potions, and lotions
d) Reduce/eliminate all electronic usage at least 30 minutes before bed.

4. Nutritional Principles: Along with the Energized Nutrition plan
a) Avoid big meals late at night
b) Avoid dairy products and excess sugar/grains

5. Energized Living: Align with the natural principles
a) Liberate the Lifeforce
b) Energized Movement
c) Energized Mindset

6. Rise and ShineDiscipline produces energy – minimize grogginess
a) Make a decision as to when you will awake and then stick by it
b) Snooze Process – produces another round of melatonin – making you susceptible to grogginess throughout the day
c) Get out of bed immediately and shine bright with gratitude.

7. Sleep with Style - Babies know best
a) Fetal position: Optimal – on a side
i) Legs bent with pillow between knees to maintain correct pelvic/hip alignment
ii) Down-side shoulder – rotated in front of your neck – lying more on your back than on your face.
iii) You’ll naturally rotate sides during the course of your sleep.
b) On your back: Acceptable
i) Can promote snoring and sleep apnea as the muscles in your tongue and throat become lax and interfere with air flow.
ii) Utilize a posture pillow to help support the curve in your neck.
c) Stomach: Never!! Unless you enjoy waking up with a neck stiffer than plywood.

8. Set the Mood
a) Light classical or meditative music
b) Herbal tea – watch for caffeine
c) Light reading – something inspirational
i) Scripture
ii) Spiritually uplifting literature

9. PMAVPrayer, Meditation, Affirmations, Visualizations
a) Best way to begin and end the day
b) Formula for the peaceful champion within you.

10. No Worries Allowed: Focus on the positives of the day
a) Gratitude journal
b) Slow, deep breathing to relieve tension
i) Inhale joy, love, & hope
ii) Exhale out the trash of the day (don’t put a label on the trash)